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How To Travel Fashionably On A Long Flight

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Maybe you have been so busy doing last minute packing which you forgot to determine what to wear to the airplane? If you have had it with racing away into the airport Pants and a frumpy shirt, then you will love these simple suggestions for traveling outfits.          ...

Low Cost Sunglasses For The Summer

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If you’ve tried going shopping for sunnies you know it could be. Your best bet? Choose they’ll keep you looking cool — plus one of these trendy selections in time for National Sunglasses Day on November 28th The Top Ten Sunglasses Trends of Summer 2017 But just ...

How To Employ Sneakers To Work (and Get Away With It)

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A Whole Lot of people having an Fascination with menswear possess an appreciation for shoes. The two worlds have drifted and it is not unusual to find a set of athletic shoes get paired with appearances. But wearing sneakers with a match on a daily basis, which means sporting the...