Easy Set Anti Slip Stair Treads Tapes

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Anti slip stair treads tapes – are traditionally utilised to boost security of stairs and floors of our home. We constantly state that aesthetic decoration has worth and even but safety has to prioritize it in order that we and our families could make most of every environment. There are lots of instances of those who’ve been severely injured when he slipped on an oil spill on kitchen floor or slide on external stairs after a single day of rain.

Anti slip stair treads tapes offer you a lot safer traffic because its positioning will be almost completely avoiding those injuries. Application of slide tapes does not call for professional occupations. All these are presented in glue rolls to be set on floor dry and clean as a “tape”. These slide tapes are made from polyester and mineral particles, making them exceptionally resistant to visitors and thus also to various weather changes so that it can be placed with no difficulty in outer field of house.

In market you can find 3 different presentations of anti slip stair treads tapes.

General Use :

They are suitable to be set on smooth surfaces such as corridors, stairs, flooring and ramps slip tapes.


These slide tapes are ready to cover irregular surfaces as they are backed with a thin aluminum coating that increases its resistance. Resilient: They’re most decorative slip strips marketplace as only happens in a thin transparent coating so that it does not interfere at all in decor, but has drawback most delicate and brittle than preceding presentations being. Perfect for areas like showers, bathrooms, saunas and other regions in which traffic is light.

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Clean surface:

Start thoroughly clean surface where slip tapes stays wilt. Remove all debris and dust from cracked or loose paint. Use sandpaper to smooth outside surface and then brush to finish removing all the dust. If surface is stained with grease or oil, use a detergent product to totally eliminate it.

Cut tape to use:

Using a knife or scissors size of tape that you use to make it easier placement.

A tip:

round tip doesn’t have to be perfectly round; it’s just a trick to stop then off readily.


Some slip tapes are self- adhesive, in those cases simply have to get rid of protective layer back and it’s best to do as you go sticking on surface. If you have to prepare glue, utilize special glue.

Stick floor:

To stick more closely to flooring, apply pressure with gentle strokes given using a rubber hammer or rubber.

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